Yearbook & Journalism

Contact:   Holley Tullis

SPMA Trailblazer Yearbook Club Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce an accurate, professional, original publication that through pictures, poems, excerpts, quotes, and more, thoroughly reflects the school pulse, represents the differing interests of the student body, and highlights activities of the year, being respectful of all members of the school community without bias, that the entire student body can feel proud to be included in.
YEARBOOK is a [fall] semester class and year-round club that is dedicated to producing and selling an exciting new yearbook each year.
Students involved with the Yearbook will interview and photograph students, faculty, administrators, and events, plan a theme and cover, design and develop layout, sell advertisement, organize sales, and manage distribution of the Yearbook.

The goal is a quality and accurate pictorial history that successfully reflects the campus activities for the present school year, which the Yearbook Staff and SPMA community can be proud of. 


You can now add Yearbook as a fall class, or become involved with the Yearbook Club.  
We meet every two weeks on Wednesdays